Gorce Ultra-Trail 2019 Rules and regulations

1. Natural environment
We are a part of nature. As human beings, we belong in the mountains and in the forest as much as a wolf, lynx or doe. We believe that, as conscious creatures, we can do this in complete understanding of nature?s laws and with respect for other users of natural environment.

As runners, we have an equal right to use roads and trails as tourists and mountain bikers. We believe that these three groups can co-exist in peace, mutually respecting laws and responsibilities of the other groups, while preserving due caution on a trail and abiding by the rule of limited trust.

2. Protecting nature
2.1 Gorce Ultra-Trail is a run set in the surroundings of wild, natural environment, partially within the premises of the Gorce National Park. We treat respect to the laws of nature as our essential commandment.

Runners are a group of people who understand necessity to preserve the nature in the same condition as it was in prior to the run. It is forbidden to leave any sort of trash on the trail, destroy nature, pick off leaves or deliberately disturbing the animals? peace. Runners, who break these rules, can be punished with time penalties or even disqualified in the extreme situations.

2.2 All participants moving around the area of the Gorce National Park abide by the rules and regulations for visitors. http://www.gorczanskipark.pl

2.3 In order to minimize negative influence on the environment, each and every user is obliged to have his own refillable cup or water bottle for the purpose of rehydrating. Food checkpoint will not provide additional cups/bottles.

2.4 Each and every user has to collect all garbage he or she produces. Trash and garbage can be left on one of the nutrition points or at the finish line. The tip of the gel and the bottle cap are also rubbish take them with you. We also encourage you to collect rubbish from other runners as part of runners solidarity, some participants are less attentive or tired and leave garbage by accident.

2.5 Each competitor is obliged to sign all his gels, energy bars and other food products in packaging that he takes on the route. Markers will be available in the race office.

3. Ethical rules
3.1 The race will be held in accordance with the general principles formulated by the International Trail-Running Association. The primary idea is providing equal chances to all competitors and holding the race in the form of an individual test of sporting abilities. From the perspective of an individual competitor, it consists in respecting three basic rules: play fair, watch out for your safety, protect the environment. These principles will be implemented by detailed rules as follows:

3.2 Only officially registered competitors, who paid an entry fee, can participate in the race.

3.3 Each and every user goes the distance relying on his own powers only, without any support from third parties or use of mechanical vehicles. Assistance from the third parties is allowed only at the food checkpoints.

3.4 Competitors cannot stray from the delimited route. In the event of getting lost, competitor has to use the same way to return to the last official signs and continue the race through its official route. Shortening the route may lead to disqualification.

3.5 Each and every user is obliged to provide as well as he will be able to help to competitors, who are injured or need other kind of help, primarily through notifying organizers and medical crew.

3.6 It is prohibited to use any performance enhancing substances

3.7 It is prohibited to use any kind of verbal or physical violence during the run. Reported cases will result in disqualification.

3.8 Number bib has to be attached in a place visible to other participants, spectators and referees.

3.9 The competitor resigning from the race is obliged to immediately inform the organizer about this fact. In the event of not reporting the cancellation of the run, the search will be undertaken and the competitor can be charged for it.

4. Time and venue
Gorce Ultra-Trail? will be held on 3th-4th of August 2019. Distances will start as follows:

Gorce Ultra-Trail 102 km August 3th, 2019, 4.00 EM
Gorce Ultra-Trail   84 km August 3th, 2019, 4.00 EM
Gorce Ultra-Trail   48 km August 3th, 2019, 8.00 EM
Ochotnica Challenge 20 km August 4th, 2019, 9.00 EM
Gorce Ultra-Trail   12 km August 4th ,  2019, 10.00 EM

The races base is Ochotnica Dolna.

5. Route, ITRA points, markings
5.1 Competition will be held on five distances:

Gorce Ultra-Trail
approximately 102 km and 4310 m positive elevation, 4 ITRA points
approximately    84 km and 4110 m positive elevation, 4 ITRA points
approximately    48 km and 2580 m positive elevation, 3 ITRA points
approximately    12 km and   500 m positive elevation
Ochotnica Challenge
approximately 20 km and 870 m positive elevation, 1 ITRA point

5.2 Distance GUT 102 km as the main distance of the competition is treated in a special way. It can be used by competitors whose ITRA Performance Index is at least 400 points. If they are not classified in the ITRA database, they have to proof  least two mountain runs at a distance of at least 50 km done before  the registration date. The relevant data should be entered in the registration form.

5.3 The route of the run leads in vast majority of the marked tourist trails and nature paths. In order to minimize the traces of our intervention, special tape with organizers indication signs will be placed only in the questionable points: intersections of routes, sharp bends or previously unmarked forest paths. All users must be familiar with the route before the race and move according to the markings.

5.4 Asphalt parts of the route have been reduced to the minimum and appear only at the start and finish line. Moreover, on Knurowska Mountain Pass, in Obidowa, in Rzeki and Szczawa the route will cross asphalt roads. In all these points race is held while the vehicle traffic is sustained. Competitors are obliged to proceed with extreme caution, abide by the rules of highway code (Kodeks Drogowy, dział II art. 11-15, Ruch drogowy Ruch pieszych LINK) and comply with the orders of the security staff, road crew and police.

5.5 Maps and gpx files including detailed routes will be available on the races website.

6. Time limits and tracking
6.1 There are following limits for finishing the routes:
Gorce Ultra-Trail 102 km 18 hours
Gorce Ultra-Trail    84 km 16 hours
Gorce Ultra-Trail    48 km 10 hours
Ochotnica Challenge 20 km 5 hours
Gorce Ultra-Trail     12 km 3 hours.

6.2 Additionally, control checkpoints have their own sub-limits. Each and every user has to leave a particular checkpoint in:


PK1 (25 km), Knurowska Pass

PK3, Rzeki

PK4, Szczawa


GUT 102 km

5 h (9:00)

11 h (15:00)

15 h (19:00)

18 h (22:00)

GUT 84 km

5 h (9:00)


13 h (17:00)

16 h (20:00)

GUT 48 km

5 h (13:00)



10 h (18:00)

Ochotnica Challenge 20 km and GUT 12 km competitors abide by no time sub-limits.
6.3 Time will be tracked by digital chip devices located on number bids. Organizer can provide additional permanent and mobile checkpoints.

7. Food stations
71. Race is held in partial self-reliability formula. It means that each and every user has to individually calculate his own intake of food and fluids during the entire race and, between the particular checkpoints, supply himself/herself with essential products, treating checkpoints only as a vital supplement. The following nutritional points will be available.
On the GUT 102 route:
Przełęcz Knurowska (ok. 25 km)
Obidowa (ok. 43 km)
Rzeki, Polana Trusiówka (ok. 63 km)
Szczawa (ok. 83 km)
On the GUT 84 route:
Przełęcz Knurowska (ok. 25 km)
Jaszcze (ok. 35 km)
Rzeki, Polana Trusiówka (ok. 47 km)
Szczawa (ok. 67 km)
On the GUT 48 route:
Przełęcz Knurowska (ok. 25 km)
Jaszcze (ok. 35 km)
On the Ochotnica Challenge & GUT 12 route:
Gorc (ok. 11 & 3km)

Moreover, participants on a longer route can use following tourist shelter homes on their own:
Turbacz (approx. 33 km)
Stare Wierchy (approx. 45 km)

Attention! There is a sheep grazing tradition in Długa Hala (32 km) you can usually buy ewes cheese from the shepherd.

7.2 A detailed menu on the nutrition points will be given in the technical message before the competition

7.3 Shops are located only on the longer distances: at Przysłop Pass and  Szczawa.

8. Mandatory and recommended equipment
8.1 Every user is bound to have:
working, fully-charged and switched on mobile phone, the phone number of which he/she submitted in the registration entry
NRC foil of minimal 140×200 cm size (standard size)
own cup or bottle (there will be no extra bottles at the checkpoints)
number bid including chip for time tracking, located in a well-visible point
working headlamp (102, 84 km distances)

8.2 It is recommended to:
adjust shoes and clothing to difficult mountain trail and forecasted weather conditions
have a water tank with a minimum capacity of 1.5 liters
have a gpx track downloaded in smartphon or sport watch
have a basic medical kit containing elastic bandage, plaster, disinfectant.

9. Registration, entry fees, limit of competitors
9.1 GUT Run is open for everyone who is 18 years old or older.
Ochotnica Challenge and GUT 12 is open for everyone who is 16 years or older under condition that he/she provides the written permission of parents or legal guardians.

9.2 You can register for the race only through a link to a registration form available on Gorce Ultra- Trail website, in a REGISTRATION tab or in race office. Online registration will be open until 20th of July 2019 or until participants limit is exhausted. After this date the registration will be possible only in race office, if the participants limit will not be exhausted.

9.3 Registration is only possible until participants limit is exhausted. The limit amounts to 1000 registered competitors with paid entry fee. The numbers for individual distances are as follows:
GUT 102 km 150 competitors
GUT   84 km 150 competitors
GUT   48 km 500 competitors
Ochotnica Challenge 20 km 300 competitors
GUT   12 km 150 competitors

9.4 An integral part of the registration process is the payment of the starting fee in the amount applicable on the date of payment.
9.5 Only applications paid until June 30, 2019 guarantee a full starter package.
9.6 Entry fees are as follows:


until 28.02.2019

1.03.2019 - 30.06.2019

1.07.2019 - 4.08.2019

GUT 102 km

200 PLN

220 PLN 53 €

260 PLN 63 €

GUT 84 km

170 PLN

190 PLN 45 €

220 PLN 53 €

GUT 48 km

150 PLN

170 PLN 40 €

200 PLN 48 €

OC 20 km

100 PLN

120 PLN 30 €

140 PLN 35 €

GUT 10 km

50 PLN

70 PLN 17 €

90 PLN 22 €

9.7 The starting fee should be made by online transfer in accordance with the instructions contained on the registration page for the run, or according to the instructions sent by e-mail.

9.8 Participants appear on the starting list only after the payment has been posted.

9.9 Organizer reserves the right to close the registration earlier if the participants limit is exhausted, or to increase the pool of starting kits.

9.10 Being allowed to enter competition is conditioned by signing a runners card with declaration of absence of contraindications for participation in the race, which will be available at the Race Office

10. Cancellations and rewriting starter packs
10.1 In the event of a cancellation of the competition, the organizer returns 50% of the entry fee until 30 June 2019 year. After this date refund of the entry fee is not possible.

10.2 Rewriting a different distance can be possible up to 30 June 2019. In the case of rewriting the shorter distance for longer one, it is necessary to align the entry fee to the amount applicable on the date rewrite. In the case of rewriting at a shorter distance, organizer does not return the entry fee difference.
The organizer charges a handling fee of 20 PLN for the operation of changing the participant distance. The transfer becomes effective only after the payment has been posted and upon receipt of the e-mail confirmation from the Organizer.

10.3 Rewriting pack to a different person can be possible up to 30 June 2019. The competitor reflected a package inform the organizers by e-mail, specifying the new competitor data. New participant register to run as a regular participant without paying the fee. Competitors are accountable to each other. For the operation to rewrite the participant, the organizer will charge 40 PLN. Rewriting become effective only after receiving the confirmation e-mail from the Organizer.

10.4 The competitor is sending information about rewriting on e-mail adres: kontakt@gorceultratrail.pl
Bank account numer for the operation of rewriting is:
Fundacja Run Vegan, str. Karmelicka 15/37, Warsaw, Poland
m-bank 71 1140 2004 0000 3302 7737 4900

– in the title of the change of distance transfer the following should be given:
name and surname, change of distance from …… km to ……. km.

– in the transfer title change of competitor should be given:
“Rewriting the package, name and surname into name and surname, distance”

11. Race Office, technical briefing
11.1 Race office will be located in Ochotnica Dolna.
11. 2 Race Office location: Wiejski Ośrodek Kultury w Ochotnicy Dolnej, Dłubacze 173b, 34-452 Ochotnica Dolna
11.3 Technical briefing for competitors of three long distances will take place on Friday, August 2, 2019, at the Race Office in Ochotnica Dolna at 19:00

12. Classifications and prizes
12.1 Classifications
1. General classifications for men and for women in the 102 km, 84 km, 48 km, 20 km and 12 km runs (OPEN)
2. Age classification in the 102 km, 84 km, 48 km, 20 km, 12 km runs
M up to 32                             W up to 32
M 33 – 44                                 W 33 – 44
M 45 +                                    W 45+
The age rating is to match the number of runners in different age categories as much as possible. Its based on historic data from previous years.

12.2 Prizes

At a distance of 102 km, you can win a special prize Gorc Trophy. If the first competitor at the GUT 102 km finish line reaches the time of 9 h 59 min 59 seconds or shorter, he will receive a special prize Gorc Trophy and finace price – 1 000 euro. However, if the winners time is longer, the prize will not be allocated.

Winners of 1st to 6 th places in the general classifications and Winners of 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the age classifications for men and women in all distances will win cups. Prizes in categories OPEN and age duplicated.

In order to verify the correct crossing of the routes by the competitors of places I-III in the Open K and Open M classification at all distances, the organizer may request that the competitors provide a gpx trace with the record of the route covered.

13. Services provided by the Organizer
13.1 Entry fee covers following services provided by the Organizer:
the right to start in the competition on the selected distance
technical t-shirt for competitors on 102, 84, 48 i 20 km
4 food and fluid checkpoints located on the 102 route of the race, 4 food and fluid checkpoints located on the 84 route of the race and 2 food and fluid checkpoints located on the 48 route of the race, 1 food and fluid checkpoints located on the 20 & 12 route of the race.
regenerative meal at the finish line
referee assistance, time tracking
number bib including chip for time tracking
commemorative medal at the finish line
medical protection on the route of the race
drop bag service on the 102 and 84 km distances
(personal) accidents insurance

13.2  Bags for deposit will be available at the race office. You can leave them in the office race or before the start in Ochotnica Dolna. You can receive your deposit bag at the finish line for the presentation of the starting number. The organizer is not responsible for valuables left in the deposit.

14. Penalties
Competitors who break those rules can be punished with time penalties from 5 minutes to 1 hour, and in extreme cases disqualification.

15. Personal data and image using
15.1 Personal data of participants of the race will be processed for the purposes of organizing and promoting Organizer’s events, determining the winners of the race and appointing and handing out the prizes. It also involves publishing: name, surname, year of birth, competitor’s town or city and name of sport club he/she represents.

15.2 Submission o personal data and approval processing thereof are voluntary, yet necessary for taking part in the race.

15.3 Personal data of competitors will be processed in accordance with the applicable Polish laws, particularly in accordance with the act of 29th of August 1997 on personal data protection (Journal of Laws 2014, pos. 1182 and 1662 and 2015, pos. 1309). Participant is informed that he/she is eligible to have insight into his data and to correct it

15.4 By registering to enter competition, the competitor accepts the rules and regulations hereby and thus approves for unpaid publishing of his image, for the purposes of promoting and organizing Organizer’s events, in the media, as well as in advertisements and promotional materials of the Organizer, partners, media patrons and sponsors.

16. Organizer
16.1 The race is organized by: Run Vegan Fundation, KRS 0000706705, NIP 5252731220.

17. Final provisions
17.1 Organizer reserves ability to change rules and regulations hereby all and any changes will be published on the race’s website.
17.2 Organizer reserves right to cancel party without disclosing the cause.
17.3 The race is going to be held regardless of the weather.
17.4 Issues not regulated by the rules hereby will be settled by the Organizer.