V GORCE ULTRA-TRAIL, 1-2.08.2020

1. Organisation & purpose of the event

1.1 The mountain running festival Gorce Ultra-Trail (further as GUT) is organised by Fundacja Run Vegan (further as Organiser).

1.2 The commune Ochotnica Dolna is an co-organiser of the event as the Host of the race area.

1.3 Honorary patronage is taken by mayor of the commune Ochotnica Dolna, Tadeusz Królczyk.

1.4 The purpose of the event Gorce Ultra-Trail

  • popularising mountain runs and promoting active and responsible tourism
  • selecting the best mountain runners
  • promotion of Gorce and Beskid Wyspowy among Polish and international community of runners
  • activation and integration of the local community through sport and volunteering
  • promoting ecological awareness among runners and inhabitants of mountain areas.

2. Protection and respect for nature – EKO-CODE of GUT

2.1 Gorce Ultra-Trail is a race held in a wild nature, partly within the Gorce National Park. We treat respect for nature as the key message of the event. We emphasise and remind you that it leaving any garbage on the course of the run, destroying nature, picking plants or deliberately disturbing the peace of the animals is strictly forbidden . Runners who violate these rules may be subject to time penalties and, in extreme cases, disqualification.

2.2 When navigating around the Gorce National Park, all competitors are subject to the Regulations for visitors available on the Park’s website. http://www.gorczanskipark.pl

 2.3 In order to minimise the negative impact on the environment, there will be no disposable cups for cold drinks at food points. For this reason, the competitor is required to have his own reusable cup and a bottle (a skin bag) to replenish his fluid supply.

2.4 The competitor must take with him all the waste he has generated on the route. Waste and rubbish can only be left at the feeding points and the finish line. We remind you that the gel tip, bottle cap and handkerchief are also rubbish! We also encourage you to collect spotted rubbish from other competitors – as part of solidarity and care for the image of mountain runners.

2.5 The competitor is obliged to sign with his race number all gels, energy bars and other food products in packaging that he takes on the route. Markers will be available at the race office and the packages can be randomly checked on the route.

3. Rules on the route 

3.1 The race will be conducted in accordance with fair-play rules formulated by the International Trail-Running Association. The basic assumption is to ensure equal opportunities for all participants and to conduct competitions in the formula of an individual test of sport possibilities. This means respecting the three most important principles: act fair, take care of yourself and others, protect the environment.


3.2 Each participant covers the entire distance on their own, without any assistance from third parties and without the participation of any motor vehicles. The organizer does not allow the use of pace makers on any route section. Third party assistance is only permitted at official checkpoints. The organizer allows the help of third parties outside the official points only in cases where it is a spontaneous gesture of hospitality of the inhabitants of the area through which the routes run.


3.3 Runners must not deviate from the designated route. In case of getting lost, it is absolutely necessary to go back to the last signs and follow the official route. Shortening or changing the route may result in a temporary penalty or disqualification.


3.4 The competitor is obliged to provide – as far as possible – assistance to those injured and in need of assistance, primarily by notifying the organizers and medical services immediately.


3.5 The use of any doping agents is prohibited.


3.6 It is forbidden to use any verbal or physical violence during the run. Reported cases will be punished with time penalties or disqualification.


3.7 Only officially registered and paid competitors can participate in the race.


3.8. Throughout the entire race, the Participant is required to have a start number clearly visible to other participants, fans and referees, and a chip attached correctly to the shoe in order to measure the race time .


3.9. The race route is not closed for other participants. Overtake reasonably, with care for your and other users’ safety. Parts of the route run through private areas used by their owners – you can find a horse cart or tractors on the trail. Use the paths respecting the private property of the Residents.

4. Date and venue

The fifth edition of the Gorce Ultra-Trail race will be held on 1-2 August 2020. Participants can choose from five routes, over distances from 12 to 102 km.

The start of individual distances will take place accordingly:

  • GUT 102 km – 1 August, at 04.00
  • GUT 84 km – 1 August, at 04.00
  • GUT 48 km – 1 August, at 08.00
  • GUT 20 km – August 2 at 09.00 – Ochotnica Challenge
  • GUT 12 km – August 2 at 10.00

The competition base, start and finish of all distances will be located in Ochotnica Dolna, in the Village Culture Center, os. Gouges 173b. The exception is the GUT 12 distance, which will start from the Wierch Młynne Pass, the Młynne estate.


5. Route, ITRA points, signage

5.1 Gorce Ultra-Trail will be held over five distances:


  • GUT 102 – approx. 102 km and approx. 4310 m elevation, 4 points ITRA
  • GUT 84 – approx. 84 km and approx. 4110 m elevation, 4 points ITRA
  • GUT 48 – approx. 48 km and approx. 2580 m elevation gain, 3 points ITRA
  • GUT 20 – approx. 19 km and approx. 870 m elevation, 1 point ITRA
  • GUT 12 – approx. 12 km and approx. 500 m elevation

5.2 The GUT 102 km distance – as the crowning distance of the competition – is treated in a special way. It is open to competitors whose individual ITRA Performance Index (ITRA Performance Index) is at least 400 points, and if they are not classified in the ITRA database, they shall document the completion of at least two mountain runs at a distance of at least 50 km by the date of registration. The relevant data should be entered in the registration form. Providing ITRA points or start documentation is mandatory. You can check your ITRA index at https://itra.run/community/


5.3 Marking of the route. The route runs mostly on marked tourist and nature paths. Dedicated GUT markings – tapes and boards with arrows – will be placed in questionable places such as crossroads of routes, sharp turns or unmarked forest paths. Each participant is required to get acquainted with the route before the race and run according to the markings.


ATTENTION: regardless of the markings, for safety reasons we recommend uploading the GPX track to the watch / phone or taking a map with the route marked.


5.4 Asphalt sections on GUT routes have been kept to a minimum. In all these places the competition is held with the traffic of motor vehicles maintained. Competitors are required to exercise extreme caution, comply with traffic laws and carry out orders from law enforcement, road and police services.


5.5 Maps and gpx files with detailed routes will be available on the website www.gorceultratrail.com


6. Time measurement and limits

6.3 Time measurement will be made using electronic chips and control mats that record the appearance of a player at a given point. In order to ensure the proper course of the competition, the Organizer provides for the setting of additional permanent and flying control points.


6.2 Lack of the record at a checkpoint control may result in disqualification.


6.3 Race results are determined on the basis of gross times. In case of doubt, the final decisions are made by a 3-member judging committee together with the Race Director.


6.4 The following time limits apply on routes:

  • Gorce Ultra-Trail 102 km – 18 hours
  • Gorce Ultra-Trail 84 km – 17 hours
  • Gorce Ultra-Trail 48 km – 11 hours
  • Gorce Ultra-Trail 20 km – 4 hours
  • Gorce Ultra-Trail 12 km – 3 hours

6.5 Intermediate limits according to the table below apply at checkpoints over 102, 84 and 48 km. The limits apply at the EXIT from the checkpoint, where there will be measuring mats. After exceeding the limit, competitors are not allowed to continue the competition and are required to give the boss a chip point to measure the time and to take off the starting number.



PK1 (25 km), Knurowska Pass

PK3, Rzeki

PK4, Szczawa


GUT 102 km

5 h (9:00)

11 h (15:00)

15 h (19:00)

18 h (22:00)

GUT 84 km

5 h (9:00)


13,5 h (17:30)

17 h (21:00)

GUT 48 km

5 h (13:00)



11 h (19:00)

The GUT 20 km and GUT 12 km competitors have no intermediate limits.

7. Nutrition points

7.1 The race is played in the formula of partial self-sufficiency. This means that the competitor should calculate his own demand for food and drink during the whole run and between individual checkpoints, obtain the necessary products, and treat nutritional points as a necessary supplement.

7.2 The following feeding points will be available:

On the GUT 102 route:

  • Knurowska Pass (approx. 25 km)
  • Obidowa (approx. 43 km)
  • Rivers, Glade Trusiówka (approx. 63 km)
  • Szczawa (approx. 84 km)

On the GUT route 84 km:

  • Knurowska Pass (approx. 25 km)
  • Jaszcze (approx. 35 km)
  • Rivers, Trusiówka Glade (approx. 47 km)
  • Szczawa (approx. 67 km)

On the GUT route 48 km:

  • Knurowska Pass (approx. 25 km)
  • Jaszcze (approx. 35 km)

On the GUT 20 km and GUT 12 km routes:

  • Glade near Gorc (11 and 3 km respectively)

7.3 A detailed menu on nutrition points will be given in the technical announcement before the competition.


8. Mandatory and recommended equipment

8.1 The competitor must have compulsory equipment throughout his entire race in accordance with his distance. The equipment will be verified in the race office and randomly checked on the route and at the finish.


8.2 Obligatory equipment – all distances:


  • starting number placed in a visible place throughout the competition and a time measurement chip mounted as recommended, i.e. on the shoe or ankle above the shoe.
  • switched on, functional and charged mobile phone with the GUT emergency number entered, which will be given in the technical message. The Athlete’s phone number must match the number provided in the application. ATTENTION: for safety reasons you should verify your telephone number in the race office when collecting the start number!
  • NRC foil with a minimum size 140 × 200 cm
  • own cup or container for drinks – according to the ECO-CODE GUT, there will be no disposable cups for cold drinks on points
  • elastic bandage

8.3 Mandatory optional equipment for GUT 102 and GUT 84


  • working headlamp
  • uploaded GPS track or map with marked running route

8.4 Recommended equipment:


footwear and clothing adapted to the difficult mountain route and expected weather conditions

  • GUT 102, 84, 48: rain jacket with hood
  • water container with a minimum capacity of 1.5 l
  • GPX track uploaded to a phone / running watch or route map
  • basic first aid kit, containing in addition to the mandatory elastic bandage a disinfectant and patches.

9. Registration, participant limits, entry fees

9.1 In order to take part in the GUT 102, 84 and 48 runs the runner must over 18 y.o. on the day of the race. The GUT 20 “Ochotnica Challenge” and GUT 12 races may also be attended by a person of  16 to 18 years on the day of the race,  provided that the Race Office receives the written consent of parents or legal guardians of that person.


9.2. Registration of a participant is done by completing the online registration form. A link to the form is available at www.gorceultratrail.com. To sign up for the selected race, you must set up your individual account, log in, choose your distance and register, filling the requested data in the registration form. On-line registrations will be open until July 15, 2020. After closing on-line registrations, further registration will be possible in the race office, if available.


9.3 Registration is possible until the limit of places at individual distances is reached. The limits are are as follows:

  • GUT 102 – 150 runners
  • GUT 84 – 200 runners
  • GUT 48 – 650 runners
  • GUT 20 – 350 runners
  • GUT 12 – 150 runners

Total: 1500 participants.


9.4 An integral element of the registration process is the payment of the entry fee in the amount applicable on the date of payment. Registration without payment does not constitute any reservation. The entry fee should be made through the online system in accordance with the instructions on the registration page. The player will appear on the start list after the payment has been credited. The entry fee is not valid if the participant has not completed the electronic registration, if it was paid after the deadline or after the places limit was reached.


9.5 Only applications paid by June 28, 2020 guarantee the receipt of the full start package.


9.6 The following entry fees are set:


until 31.12.2019

1.01.2020 – 30.04.2020

1.05.2020 – 15.07.2020

31.07.2020 – 2.08.2020

GUT 102 km

55 €

63 €

70 €

80 €

GUT 84 km

46 €

53 €

60 €

70 €

GUT 48 km

39 €

46 €

53 €

65 €

GUT 20 km

27 €

31 €

36 €

45 €

GUT 10 km

16 €

22 €

27 €

30 €

9.7 Commemorative T-shirts. Until June 15, 2020, you can order a technical t-shirt with an additional fee of 60 PLN. Packages with an ordered T-shirt can only be picked up at the race office. In case of resignation from the race, you can receive the ordered t-shirt provided: personal collection, collection by a designated person with written authorisation or by post, provided that the Organizer is notified by July 31. The cost of postage – PLN 15, payable to the Foundation’s account. Shipping will take place within 14 days after the event.


A small pool of t-shirts will also be available in the race office for PLN 70 / item.


9.8 The organizer grants the following discounts on starting fees:


  •  competitors classified according to ITRA as INTERNATIONAL LEVEL – ITRA CODE A (Performance Index K> 700 points, M> 825) have the right to start for free at the distance of their choice.
  • residents of the Ochotnica Dolna commune are entitled to a 20% discount on the current starting fee.
  • persons born in 1950 or earlier are entitled to a 50% discount on the current starting fee
  • competitors who decide to start on 2 distances are entitled to a 20% discount on the current starting fee over a short distance
  • discounts fees for the winners of previous editions

9.9. The organizer reserves the right to close the registration earlier if the limit of applications is fulfilled as well as to increase the limit of runners.


9.10 Invoices. A Participant who wants to receive an invoice should provide the required data during online registration or send it to the following address: kontakt@gorceultratrail.com. An invoice for the entry fee will be issued by the 15th day of the month following the month in which the payment was made. By accepting the Regulations, the Participant agrees to send the invoice in electronic form without the recipient’s signature.


10. Resignation from start, changing distance, rewriting start packages


10.1 In the event of a Participant’s resignation from the competition – regardless of the reason – the entry fee will be returned according to the following scheme, in accordance with the date of sending the application by email to: kontakt@gorceultratrail.com


  • until January 31, 2020: 80% refund of the amount paid
  • until June 15, 2020: 50% refund of the amount paid
  • after June 15, 2020: 0%

10.2 Changing the distance is possible until 30 June 2020. In the event of a change from a shorter distance to a longer distance, it is necessary to adjust the entry fee to the amount applicable on the day of the change. In the opposite change, the Organizer will not refund the entry fee. Changing the distance is possible within the limits of free places for a given distance. For the operation of changing the distance, the Organizer charges a handling fee of PLN 20. The transfer becomes effective only after the payment has been received and after receiving the e-mail confirmation from the Organizer.


10.3 Transferring a paid package to another competitor is possible until June 30, 2020. A competitor who wants to transfer the package to another runner, informs the Organizer by e-mail about the new competitor (name, surname, email) and confirmation of the handling fee. A new participant registers online without paying the entry fee. The participants settle accounts with each other. The Organizer charges a fee of PLN 40 for the operation. The transfer becomes effective after the payment has been received and an email confirmation from the Organizer has been received.


10.4 The email address of the Organizer, to which you should send a request to change the distance or rewrite the packet to another runners or the confirmation of payments is: kontakt@gorceultratrail.com The extra distance and handling fee should be transferred to the account:

Run Vegan Foundation

Karmelicka 15/37, 00-163 Warsaw

m-bank 71 1140 2004 0000 3302 7737 4900


  • in the title of the distance transfer please provide: “Change of distance, name and surname,  from …… km to …… km”
  • in the title of the runner transfer please provide: “Rewriting the package, name and surname for name and surname, distance”

10.5 After 30 June 2020, changes are possible in the Race Office, according to the time availability of the Race Office team and free places at the selected distance. The handling fee for changing the distance / runner at the Competition Office is PLN 50.


11. Competition Office, collection of packages, technical briefing

11.1 The GUT Competition Office will operate at the Village Culture Center in Ochotnica Dolna, Dłubacze 173b, 34-452 Ochotnica Dolna.


Competition Office opening hours:


FRIDAY, July 31:

15.00 – 23.00 (all distances)


SATURDAY, August 1:

6.30 – 7.15 (GUT 48)

18.00 – 20.00 (GUT 20 and GUT 12)


SUNDAY, August 2

7.00 – 8.00 (GUT 20 – “Ochotnica Challenge”)

7.00 – 9.00 (GUT 12)

9.00 – 10.30 (Children Run)


11.2 The starting number can be collected only in person, based on a photo document with date of birth.


11.3 At the Competition Office, when collecting the number, the Competitor is required to:


  • verify the date of birth in the application (age classifications)
  • show mandatory equipment
  • sign with your start number the packaging of food taken along the route (available markers)
  • sign a certificate of absence of medical contraindications to take off

11.4 The condition for handling the race number and thus allowing the Runner to enter the race is to sign the Competitor’s card, including declarations of no contraindications to participate in the race and a statement about the start at your own risk.


11.5 Packages that will not be collected during the opening hours of the Competition Office appropriate for the given distance will be resold or will be allocated to volunteers.


11.6 Technical briefing for competitors GUT 102, GUT 84 and GUT 48 will take place on Friday, July 31, 2020 in OCH RESTAURANT, Hologówka 198 (about 1 km from the competition office) in Ochotnica Dolna at 19:00. The technical announcement will also be available on the event website www.gorceultratrail.com


11.7. Before the technical briefing, at 18:00, there will be an official opening and presentation of the elite at the OCH Restaurant.


12. Classifications and awards

12.1 The organizer provides the following classifications:


OPEN K and OPEN M classifications at all distances

Age classifications K and M at all distances broken down:

F / M up to 35 years old

K / M 36 – 44 years old

K / M 45 – 59 years old

F / M 60+ years

OPEN and age classifications overlap


12.2 Awards


A special prize is planned for the crowning GUT 102 km distance – GORCA CUP. The competitor who will be the first to finish in less than 10 hours will receive the Gorc Cup and a financial prize of 1,000 euros. However, if the winner’s time is longer, no prize will be allocated.

Winners of places I-III in OPEN K / M classification will receive statuettes and gifts at all distances. Winners of places I – III in all age categories at all distances will receive commemorative statuettes.

In order to verify the correct defeat of the route by competitors from places I-III in the OPEN K / M classification at all distances, the Organizer may request that these riders provide a gpx track with a record of the completed route.

12.3. Appreciating the winners’ sports effort, the Organizer sets out the following rules for additional benefits as part of prizes:


winners of I K / M OPEN of all distances have the right to start for free at the chosen distance in the following year

competitors who took II-III K / M OPEN places in a given year are entitled to a 50% discount on any distance in the following year

competitors who took places I-III K / M in the previous classification in the previous years have the right to a 20% discount for the distance chosen by them

the discount is calculated from the rate applicable at the time of paying the start fee.

12.4 Additional classifications and statuettes are foreseen in the following categories:


The oldest Ultras to finish the race (for distances 102-84-48, female or male)

A resident of the Ochotnica Dolna commune, places I-III K / M

12.5 The condition of collecting statuettes and gifts is the player’s presence at the official end of the event.


12.6 The competitor has the right to lodge a protest after paying a deposit of PLN 200 (EUR 50) no later than 3 hours after the end of the given distance. The protest must be submitted in writing to the email address info@runvegan.pl. The protest will be considered within 2 hours and the main referee will decide. A rejected protest will result in the applicant losing the deposit.


13. Starter package, benefits, deposit

13.1 The organizer provides the following benefits as part of the entry fee:


the right to start in a competition over a selected distance

personal starting number and electronic feedback chip for time measurement

GUT commemorative gift

dedicated OWCA RUN beer from GUT Partner, Podgórz Brewery

judge service and electronic timekeeping

feeding points on the route: GUT 102 and GUT 48 – 4; GUT 48 – 2, GUT 20 and GUT 12 – 1 (Details of the feeding points will be given in the technical communication.)

regenerative meal at the finish

a commemorative medal at the finish for competitors who complete the race

medical support on the route, in cooperation with GOPR Grupa Podhalańska

passes over 102 and 84 km

deposit at the finish line

accident insurance

13.2 Deposit. The organizer provides a deposit in the start / finish zone. Deposit bags will be available in the race office. It is forbidden to place glass containers and beverage cans in bags. The deposit can be given during the Office’s business hours or immediately before the start. The deposit will be available for pickup at the finish only after showing the start number. Receipt of the deposit will be possible until the end of the event. The organizer is not responsible for valuables left in the deposit and is not responsible for loss of the deposit. A deposit unclaimed during the Competition may be sent by courier to the indicated address at the Competitor’s request. The request should be sent by 05/08/2020 at the latest to the address info@runvegan.pl. All shipping costs are covered by the Athlete. After this date, unclaimed deposits will be donated to charity or sent for recycling.


14. Important information: resignation during the competition, start with sticks, dogs on the route


14.1 A competitor who resigns from the race is obliged to immediately and effectively inform the Organizer. In the event of a failure to notify about resignation from the race, a search action will be taken and the rider may be charged for it.


14.2 The organizer allows the possibility of starting with running poles at all distances. The competitor using the poles is absolutely obliged to ensure the safety of people running within the range of his poles.


14.3 The organizer allows the possibility of starting a dog, subject to:


forbidden to start with the dog on GUT 102 km due to the route through the Gorce National Park

prohibition of using “kolczatka” collars

15. Regulation penalties

Players who violate the Regulations may be subject to time penalties, and in special cases disqualification. In particular, the following principles are laid down:


shortening or changing the route: time penalty according to the decision of the Race Director

no mandatory equipment element: 15 min time penalty for each element

documented intentional littering on the route by the player or his technical team: disqualification

documented aggressive behavior towards other players or volunteers, refusal to follow the instructions of the medical or referee team: time penalty or disqualification

start with another competitor’s starting number: disqualification.

Time penalties will be added to the time the competitor obtained at the finish line.


16. Image protection and personal data

16.1 Personal data of participants will be processed for the purposes of organizing and promoting this and other events of the Organizer, including selecting the winners of the race and awarding and issuing prizes. This also includes the publication of: name, surname, year of birth, city and club name.


16.2 Providing personal data and consenting to their processing is voluntary, but it is a necessary requirement to participate in the race.


16.3 Personal data of Participants in the race are processed in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 WE (General Data Protection Regulation). The Participant acknowledges that he has the right to access his data, correct it or delete it completely from the Organiser’s IT systems.


16.4 The Organizer – the Run Vegan Foundation with its registered office in Warsaw at Karmelicka 15/37, (contact: robert@runvegan.pl, tel: 506 009 611), will process the entrusted personal data using security measures with appropriate technical and organizational measures ensuring an adequate level of security , corresponding to the risk associated with the processing of personal data. The participant, if he has any questions regarding his personal data, may contact the Personal Data Administrator.


16.5 By registering for the competition, the participant accepts these Regulations and agrees to free publication of his image for the promotion and organization of the Organizer’s events in the media, as well as in advertisements, promotional materials of the Organizer, partners, media patrons and sponsors.


17. Final provisions

17.1 The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the regulations. Any changes will be posted on the event page.

17.2 The organizer reserves the right to cancel the event without giving reasons.

17.3 The race will take place regardless of the weather, however, for safety reasons and in consultation with GOPR, the Organizer may change or shorten the route or temporarily stop the race in the event of sudden storms or floods.


17.4 Competitors start at their own risk, aware of the risks posed by long-distance mountain running


17.5 In matters not covered by these regulations, the Organizer decides.


17.6 Only the Organizer is entitled to binding and final interpretation of these Regulations.


18. Organizer’s contact details


Run Vegan Foundation, Karmelicka 15/37, 00-163 Warsaw, NIP: 5252731220


Mail: kontakt@runvegan.pl


Tel: +48 507 006 851


mBank: 71 1140 2004 0000 3302 7737 4900


IBAN: PL71 1140 2004 0000 3302 7737 4900




                                                   Ochotnica Dolna, 18/11/2019