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GUT 2019 – registration open!

Registration for Gorce Ultra-Trail 2019 is open now! This time you are be able to register for our longest run GUT 102 km.
Three-digit distance, over 4300 m positive elevation, time limit 18 hours and Robbie Britton’s result from this year to beat: 10 hours 24 min 27s. In one word – the fastest hundred in Poland  The most scenic, most runable and the only one with a seeing tower in the program as well.  We have an extraordinary beauty of the Gorc Trophy Cup for the winner and an unforgettable experience for all. In addition, several traditional music concerts along the way, the most delicious nutritional points north of the 49th parallel and crossing the river to the end.
Plan your next year in Gorce in early August. Welcome 

GUT 102 km in 18 hours

Changing the limit on the longest Gorce Ultra-Trail route to 18 hours is not the only change associated with this distance. Intermediate limits are also changing at 63 km in Rzekach and 83 km in Szczawa.
In addition, we’re introducing a drop bag institution :-). You will be able to deposit bags with your own spare items and pick them up at the nutrition point in Rzeki for 63 km, which is slightly after the halfway point of the competition.
In the graphic below, we present all the details related to the time limits, the length of individual sections and denivelation and the minimum speed at which you must move to make it on time. Remember that at 43 km in Obidowa there is a nutrition point, but there is no time limit.
It is also worth realizing that in the middle of August in the forest in the Gorce mountains it is almost completely dark at around 20:30. So if you run to the limit, the last hour and a half you move in night conditions. Idividual heaf lights are absolutely necessary – they are obviously required in obligatory equipment.
Do you want to run your first hundred km in the mountains? We invite you in Gorce, it will be beautiful and a lot of time to admire the views 🙂
Registration is still open here

ITRA mysterious numbers

Every race evaluated by ITRA – International Trail Running Association  has three mysterious numbers in description. Gorce Ultra-Traill 48 km has ITRA 3, 7 and 380. What do these numbers mean?
The first is the most obvious, the easiest to understand and for many the most important 🙂 ITRA 3 means that every runner who finishes the race in time limit will receive 3 points and will be able to apply for the possibility to start in the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc – UTMB (but you must have 15 such points), The North Face Lavaredo Ultra Trail (only 4 points is enough) or other similar competitions. The number of points for a given run depends – in a simplified way – on distance and possitive alititude. For every kilometer and every 100 m up you will get small points, which are later converted into those large ones.

The second factor – Mountain Level in the case of GUT 48 km is 7. This coefficient determines the difficulty of the route. The exact calculation algorithms are unknown, but the amount of the possitive altitudes in relation to the route length, the length of the longest uphill, the average level above the sea level etc. are taken into account. The factor does not depend on the route length or time limit. Gorce Ultra-Trail  level 7 is very high as for the Beskid route (means – the route is quite difficult). Other races in Poland have, for example, Bieg rzeźnika – 6, Chudy Wawrzyniec – 4, Bieg 7 Dolin – 5. On the other hand, the Bieg Ultra Granią Tatr has a respectable figure 9 🙂 In simplified terms, this factor determines the technical difficulty of the route, but some qualitative aspects , hard to mathematically grasp – e.g. the number of rocks on the road – are not taken into account. There are rather soft roads in Gorce Mountain 🙂

The most interesting – and the most developmental – is probably the last factor –  Finisher criteria. It involves one of the basic tasks of ITRA, an attempt to evaluate the difficulty of mountain races and simultaneously evaluation of individual runners’ achievements, despite different routes and conditions during the competition. Anyone who has completed at least one race evaluated by ITRA receives individual points for completing the race. Depending on the time, position at the finish line, time difference in relation to the winner, the number of good results (ie good runners at the finish line) and probably a few other algorithms that ITRA does not reveal, but tries to gradually improve them. With high accuracy, this coefficient determines the runner’s proficiency, his sport level. Theoretically the highest level is 1000 points, but the currently first on the list Jim Wolmsley has 949 points, the majority of runners between 400 and 600, and the man writing these words  – 584 points 🙂
In the case of a given race, this coefficient determines the ratio of the difficulty of the route to the time limit to be overcome. The 48-km GUT has a factor of 380, which means that a lot of time has been allocated for rather difficult route (Mountain Level 7). Actually, every (running) competitor should fit in the limit. 🙂
Registration for the Gorce Ultra-Trail 48 km is open, come and go.

Registration for 2017 is open!

Registration for the second edition of the Gorce Ultra-Trail is open now! We are looking forward to welcoming you on August 11-13, 2017 at Ochotnica Górna. This time, there will be five distances to choose from: 102, 80, 43 and 20 km, and an almost vertical 1.3 km. We start on Friday evening, August 11,  with the short vertical race. On Saturday there will be three long runs, and on Sunday the traditional 20 kilometre Ochotnica challenge. The main new feature is the longest, 102 km run, conceived so that it provides 5 new ITRA points and more attractions as well. We have added a fifth peak – Mogielica – to the four famous peaks of Gorce🙂. It will be harder, but not too much. You can find all the details in the appropriate tabs on the website.
You can register here

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