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Welcome to Gorce Ultra-Trail 2019

Welcome to Gorce Ultra-Trail a race through the most beautiful parts of Gorce Mountains🍀
Gorce are situated in the south part of Poland, almost exactly half way from Kraków/Cracow to Zakopane. The highest point Turbacz is 1310 m a.s.l. The range is covered with a coniferous forest but there is plenty of mountain pastures as well. In the fourth edition of the race we will have five distances to choose from and two days of competition.

Saturday, August 3rd
☘️ 102 km and 4310 m positive altitude, 4 ITRA points
☘️   84 km and 4110 m positive altitude, 4 ITRA points
☘️   48 km and 2580 m positive altitude, 3 ITRA points
Sunday, August 4th
☘️ 20 km and 870 m positive altitude, 1 ITRA points
☘️  12 km and 500 m positive altitude.

Our competition in one word the fastest 100 km race in Poland. The most scenic, most runable and the only one with a high watch tower on the route as well. We have an extraordinary beauty of the Gorc Trophy Cup for the winner and an unforgettable experience for all. In addition, several traditional music concerts along the way, the most delicious nutritional points north of the 49th parallel and crossing the river to the end.
You can also fight for the Gorc Trophy, that is, to finish our crown distance of 102 km in less than 10 hours. Together with the cup, the winner will receive 1000 Euro prize.
Who is less in a hurry on the trail, will be able to admire the beautiful Gorce landscapes, taste local specialties, listen to highlander music and feel the unique atmosphere of these mountains.
Book the date, welcome to Gorce!

Robbie Britton – Gorce Ultra-Trail 2018 winner

This inconspicuous and delectable boy –  Robbie Britton – won the Gorce Ultra-Trail 2018. The distance of 102 km ran in 10 hours 24 minutes and 27 seconds, that is, he did not have much to get the Gorce Cup . In Poland, he is probably completely unknown, so it is worth writing a few words about him.
Robbie has 800 ITRA points; as this is the level of eg Bartosz Gorczyca or Artur Jabłoński his result is not accidental. He competed in many races around the world, winning top places to name only the most famous ones: OCC (16), CCC (11), Cappadocia Ultra Trail (3), La Sportiva Lavaredo Ultra Trail (3) and Marathon du Mont-Blanc (3).
However, his history is much more unusual. Well, Robbie also competed in 24-hour runs (!), Those asphalt on the loop. In the World Championship in 2015 he took third place with the result of 261 km (!!) Then he also met Patrycja Bereznowska and other Polish asphalt ultras, whose names he threw as from the sleeve, although each time it took us some time to decipher who is he talking about (Polish is not especially easy language ). Not only that, he is also familiar with some more crazy adventures  Last year, for example, with two friends he ran a 580-kilometer trail through the mountains of Bulgaria  An interesting movie from this event can be found here

Robbie runs his own website, where you can find more interesting information
Our winner lives in Chamonix on a daily basis so he has a nice place to train and announces that next year he will come to the GUT again – the Gorc Cup is still undone 
Robbie – congratulations, great result, we wait for you next year 

Gorce Ultra-Trail 2018 Results

Time for the first summary and results at the finish line.
In Gorce Ultra-Trail 2018 competition 615 competitors took part. 583 people came to the finish line, which gives a finisher ratio of 94.8% 
The Robbie Britton performance from Great Britain deserves special mention, winning on the 102 km route and running our main distance in a sensational 10 hours and 24 minutes. It is also worth mentioning the runners who have won two distances. Katarzyna Winiarska, among women, triumphed in Friday Vertical as Saturday’s GUT 102 km! Dariusz Marek also completed the doublet: he was first on Friday on the Studzionki Vertical route and the first on Sunday at Ochotnica Challenge 20 km.
We congratulate the winners and all the starters.

Here are the winners of individual distances:

GUT 102 km – man
1. Robbie BRITTON 10:24:27
2. Artur JENDRYCH 11:46:51
3. Tomasz Psik 12:35:39

GUT 102 km – woman
1. Katarzyna Winiarska 12:57:14
2. Patrycja BEREZOWSKA 13:34:15
3. SKRZYPEK Sylwia 15:57:31

GUT 84 km – man
1. Artur Baran 09:27:28
2. Marek Bartyzel 10:35:10
3. Krzysztof Cieśnik 10:59:13

GUT 84 km – woman
1. Joanna Fidelus 12:38:22
2. Anna Kordecka 14:29:41
3. Justyna Niekrasz 14:31:41

GUT 48 km – man
1. Jakub Wolski 05:05:41
2. Gniewomir Skrzysiński 05:07:38
3. Christian Terzoni 05:12:00

GUT 48 km – woman
1. Anna Kapelan 06:00:28
2. Kamila Głodowska 06:00:39
3. Agata Toporowicz 06:28:27

GUT 20 km – man
1. Dariusz Marek 01:26:57
2. Radosław Nowocin 01:31:53
3. Piotr Uznański 01:32:46

GUT 20 km – woman
1. Izabela Osyszko 02:05:01
2. Anna Duda 02:07:24
3. Marzena Żuk 02:09:38

Studzionki Vertical – man
1. Dariusz Marek – 11.25
2. Michał Dudczak – 11.53
3. Mateusz Belowski – 12.17

Studzionki Vertical – woman
1. Katarzyna Winiarska – 14.31
2. Dominika Bolechowska – 15.56
3. Martyna Hryc – 17.38

Full results here

Ochotnica Challenge 20 km without stones

After recent heavy rains and floods routes of Gorce Ultra-Trail can’t stop surprising us. There isn’t much changes on ridges and peaks – water didn’t have time to cumulate there. So running there is still nice. But it gets worse further down the valley. Some tracks were washed out of sand – all that is left are stones, small stones and? stones  Sometimes you can find labyrinths of branches that were brought there by streams of rain water – so you should run slower than usually. We advise caution.
To make you life better we decided to slightly change the route of Ochotnica Challenge 20 km – which is specially for the beginners. Around 16th km of the route you will not run to Szlagówka vilage, deep down the valley, but you will run along the ridge and after 1 km back onto the previous track. The dystans will stay almost the same and elevation will be slightly smaller but the route will be faster and nicer. New route will be precisely marked and here you have a link to our website with the new route:

Gorce Ultra-Trail T-shirts

Take GUT with you home!
For all who like souvenirs from competitions and nice, useful items, we have prepared the official t-shirts of the 3rd edition of Gorce Ultra-Trail. To buy at the Race Office in Ochotnica. T-shirts are technical, breathable, the print does not block the air flow.
Welcome. Registration is still open 

Eating Ochotnica

OCH Restaurant invites you to its completely new place! Whoever was last year will be surprised by Rumaka’s (old name) new face, who will be for the first time will be delighted. The menu includes a selection of regional food, an offer for vegans (vege-kwaśnica), and most importantly, everything made from local, fresh products . Important message for coffee lovers: coffee is also delicious!
OCH will also take care of the meal at the finishing line for runners and will fund prizes in the lottery after the decorations. It’s worth waiting!

Race Office

Please be advised that the Gorce Ultra-Trail 2018 Competition Office will be located in the very center of Ochotnica Dolna,
at the Rural Center of Culture
os. Dłubacze 173b
34-452 Ochotnica Dolna

Right next to it is a sports stadium, the Volunteer Fire Brigade and an amphitheater, and our start / finish area.
The competition office works in the following hours:

Friday,  August 10th  16.00 – 23.00
Saturday, August 11th 18.00 – 20.00
Sunday, August 12th  7.30 – 8.30

You will have a comfortable logistic situation, because there is a large parking in front of the race Office building, and the other one is located 800 m further, close to the parish church.

We invite you to Ochotnica 🙂

Flood in Gorce

The flood in Gorce ended a few days ago. The video below clearly shows the extent of damage in the valleys on asphalt roads. Much bigger changes can be found in the mountains. In some places the landscape has changed completely, new canyons have been created, there are no sections of dirt roads and will not be rebuilt in those places, some of the streams have changed their beds. There are so many changes and in so many places that new ones are discovered every day. Some are so spectacular that they may become new tourist attractions. Nature has shown us how much she can do. A huge lesson of humility …
Remember, sections of asphalt roads can be closed periodically, repairs and repairs are underway, so be patient and understanding, both during the competition and, most importantly, during the journey and return home.

Garmin in Gorce

The sponsor of the Gorce Ultra-Trail 2018 awards is Garmin Polska. At the finish line, the Forerunner 235 and Foreruner 35 will be for the bests. Both watches have a built-in GPS receiver for precise position measurement and a wrist heart rate measurement that is best suited for monitoring 24-hour activity. They differ in purely sports functions, 235 have a bit more, but the Forerunner 35 is distinguished by a large and clear display and … simpler operation, which is also an advantage for many 
Registration for GUT 2018 is still open. Welcome 

Photo service

Be vigilant during the race, take care of your nice exterior, relatively neat t-shirts and smiles on your faces  Photos will be made by Julita Chudko – mountain and climbing photography and Jacek Deneka UltraLovers 
It’s worth to run for the pictures 😀 Welcome

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