Welcome to Gorce Ultra-Trail a race through the most beautiful parts of Gorce Mountains🍀
Gorce are situated in the south part of Poland, almost exactly half way from Kraków/Cracow to Zakopane. The highest point Turbacz is 1310 m a.s.l. The range is covered with a coniferous forest but there is plenty of mountain pastures as well. In the fourth edition of the race we will have five distances to choose from and two days of competition.

Saturday, August 3rd
☘️ 102 km and 4310 m positive altitude, 4 ITRA points
☘️   84 km and 4110 m positive altitude, 4 ITRA points
☘️   48 km and 2580 m positive altitude, 3 ITRA points
Sunday, August 4th
☘️ 20 km and 870 m positive altitude, 1 ITRA points
☘️  12 km and 500 m positive altitude.

Our competition in one word the fastest 100 km race in Poland. The most scenic, most runable and the only one with a high watch tower on the route as well. We have an extraordinary beauty of the Gorc Trophy Cup for the winner and an unforgettable experience for all. In addition, several traditional music concerts along the way, the most delicious nutritional points north of the 49th parallel and crossing the river to the end.
You can also fight for the Gorc Trophy, that is, to finish our crown distance of 102 km in less than 10 hours. Together with the cup, the winner will receive 1000 Euro prize.
Who is less in a hurry on the trail, will be able to admire the beautiful Gorce landscapes, taste local specialties, listen to highlander music and feel the unique atmosphere of these mountains.
Book the date, welcome to Gorce!