This inconspicuous and delectable boy –  Robbie Britton – won the Gorce Ultra-Trail 2018. The distance of 102 km ran in 10 hours 24 minutes and 27 seconds, that is, he did not have much to get the Gorce Cup . In Poland, he is probably completely unknown, so it is worth writing a few words about him.
Robbie has 800 ITRA points; as this is the level of eg Bartosz Gorczyca or Artur Jabłoński his result is not accidental. He competed in many races around the world, winning top places to name only the most famous ones: OCC (16), CCC (11), Cappadocia Ultra Trail (3), La Sportiva Lavaredo Ultra Trail (3) and Marathon du Mont-Blanc (3).
However, his history is much more unusual. Well, Robbie also competed in 24-hour runs (!), Those asphalt on the loop. In the World Championship in 2015 he took third place with the result of 261 km (!!) Then he also met Patrycja Bereznowska and other Polish asphalt ultras, whose names he threw as from the sleeve, although each time it took us some time to decipher who is he talking about (Polish is not especially easy language ). Not only that, he is also familiar with some more crazy adventures  Last year, for example, with two friends he ran a 580-kilometer trail through the mountains of Bulgaria  An interesting movie from this event can be found here

Robbie runs his own website, where you can find more interesting information
Our winner lives in Chamonix on a daily basis so he has a nice place to train and announces that next year he will come to the GUT again – the Gorc Cup is still undone 
Robbie – congratulations, great result, we wait for you next year