After recent heavy rains and floods routes of Gorce Ultra-Trail can’t stop surprising us. There isn’t much changes on ridges and peaks – water didn’t have time to cumulate there. So running there is still nice. But it gets worse further down the valley. Some tracks were washed out of sand – all that is left are stones, small stones and? stones  Sometimes you can find labyrinths of branches that were brought there by streams of rain water – so you should run slower than usually. We advise caution.
To make you life better we decided to slightly change the route of Ochotnica Challenge 20 km – which is specially for the beginners. Around 16th km of the route you will not run to Szlagówka vilage, deep down the valley, but you will run along the ridge and after 1 km back onto the previous track. The dystans will stay almost the same and elevation will be slightly smaller but the route will be faster and nicer. New route will be precisely marked and here you have a link to our website with the new route: