Preparing the trace of mountain race is – apart from the obvious aspects of logistics and security – the art of choosing from a great many options. This applies especially to the Gorce, where the beautiful corners are not missing, and on the one hand you would like to see as much as possible, and on the other the route must fit in the assumed parameters. Looking from this point of view, we have been analyzing our 43 km route for some time. To put it bluntly it could have been more interesting. All the more so in the near vicinity of interesting places is not lacking. We finally decided to make some adjustments.
So we are introducing a new “marathon” route. Just like the previous one in the first part, it is the same as the 80 km route. After separation (on 26th kilometer) it is more varied, more mountainous and more scenic. It runs through two new valleys to climb two new ridges (the first gentle, the second more steep). It is slightly shorter (40 km) – but has more acumulative altitude (1830 m). In general, its difficulty is at the same level, it also gives 2 new ITRA points. Along the way, there is no shortage of interest: we have Kurnytowa Koliba from 1837 – the oldest residential building in the Gorce, gain beautiful peak Magurki with great glade and one of the four Gorce lookout towers and the finish line coincides wonderfully drawn path through the band Rokietnica, with a new section of  Vlach Cuture Trail. As the only one of our routes, the new 40-km is running to the finish line with other than any other route, but like those leading to the end of a dirt road, not really runs through the village, crosses the main road and only 200 m we are at the finish line.
Not only that, only a kilometer away from our route (the exact tower on Magurki) the place where the Liberator plane crash in 1944, about which we wrote on our website, with a very interesting installation-monument depicting an American plane https: //www.gorceultratrail. Pl / pl / liberator /. All who treat the competition as a kind of tour and do not really care about the time, can get a little off the beat and follow the Rules back to the same route. If only they fit in the general time limit, which remains unchanged and is 9 hours. More details on our website.