We start just after the bridge over Ochotnica River. This is the place where the road to Studzionki’s hamlet changes from almost flat to really steep, and where more inexperienced drivers turn back, frightened by the unusual view. 200 meters along the asphalt road and then straight through the forest, dirt road. If someone is still running, this section will surely slow him down, because the road from the very steep turns into an absurdly steep, and the soft terrain makes the leg “stays” at every step. We pass a few branches, but navigate without any problems, just remember that we always choose the steepest variant and generally all the time straight ahead. No stones, soft forest path, can be a little branch because the logging takes place in the area at best. The path is quite wide, you can overtake if you are able to. 🙂 Racing in such conditions may seem a little humorous, because the pace will not kill you, although the heart rate will certainly increase. Since the distance is only four times longer than the elevation, the route passes very quickly. At the end it will be harder. Nowadays the road is covered by the broken trees, but before the run we will cut the passage so that it can be “runable”. A narrow path among grasses and we are at the top, next to a private open-air museum. Here the uphill is over, about 248 meters of denivelation, you can see the Tatras, but slightly covered with trees. Slight down and flat, sharp turn to the right and we are at the gazebo and our finish line. There is nothing to cover our prize – the most beautiful view of the Tatra Mountains, Tatry Bielskie  and Babia Góra. If we are lucky, we have a wonderful sunset. Enjoy the view.
This is our Studzionki Vertical. Registration is still open 🙂